Coyote Information

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Coyotes are found in ALL areas of Orange County - and your neighborhood is no exception. Several residents have lost their pets to these skilled predators because they were not aware of local coyote activity. Others are concerned about recent sightings and the potential consequences of predatory animals within the urban environment.

Science shows us that eradication and/or relocation of the urban coyote is not effective.  Removal programs can provide a vacuum in nature that can cause coyotes to have even larger litters, increasing the population. However, the City has and will continue to trap and kill certain aggressive coyotes—an action that is ineffective without broad community participation to haze.

Though far from domesticated, coyotes are very comfortable living alongside humans. They have little fear of people and can be seen close to joggers and bikers, and inside residential areas. Coyotes are not normally a danger to humans but small pets can easily become coyote prey. 

We share your concern for all of our beloved family pets. But this is not a simple problem to solve, and we can’t do it alone.