Crime Statistics

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Monthly Spotlight
Vehicle Burglary

In October 2022, there were 37 burglaries or thefts from vehicles citywide.

In October 2021, there were 60 burglaries or thefts from vehicles.

This is a reduction of 38% (23 crimes).

The crime definitions and statistics provided here are based on the Uniform Crime Reporting Handbook, which comes from the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation.  For more information on the Uniform Crime Reporting Program, please visit

City-Wide Statistics

Our current year crime statistics are updated on a monthly basis, however they are unofficial, preliminary statistics only and are subject to change.

Following the Uniform Crime Reporting Handbook, our statistics (as presented here) are calculated using the following formula: the number of offenses that were reported during that month, minus the number of offenses that were unfounded during that month.  An offense may not be unfounded until several months after the month it was reported and it is possible to have more crimes unfounded than crimes reported in a given month.  This would result in a negative crime count in that column. 

For example, suppose one arson was reported in May.  Detectives and arson investigators work on the case and in July they discover the cause of the fire was accidental and therefore not an arson.  If no new arsons are reported in July, and the May arson becomes unfounded in July, the July arson count would be -1. (0 reported arsons, minus 1 unfounded arson, equals -1 arson.)

Current Year City-Wide Crime Statistics

Area Statistics
Crime Definitions