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Jewelry Swap Distraction Thefts

Post Date:07/17/2023 1:14 pm
We have recently received reports of distraction thefts where jewelry and watches are targeted. These incidents have been occurring in shopping center parking lots as well as residential areas while victims are running errands, walking in their neighborhood or even riding their bikes.
Typically, the suspects approach a victim and ask for assistance or directions. The suspect might try to offer a piece of jewelry as a “thank you”, hug the victim or distract the victim in another way. While the victim is unaware, the suspect will remove the victim's jewelry and flee before the victim realizes that the theft occurred.

Here are some recommendations for practicing situational awareness and avoiding distraction thefts & pickpockets:
  • As you go about your daily tasks, pay attention to the people, objects, vehicles and events happening around you.
  • Limit distractions whenever possible.
  • Be aware when a stranger gets into your personal space and try to keep your distance.
  • Trust your instincts if someone or something is making you uncomfortable.
  • Whenever you are out and about, remember to not lose sight of your personal belongings.

 For additional information about similar pickpocket incidents, check out this video:


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