Have you ever seen something strange, out of place, or suspicious in your neighborhood?  Have you thought about calling the police... and then talked yourself out of it?  Well, this month, we're hoping you'll break that habit. 

If you see someone or something suspicious, call the NBPD's nonemergency line at 949-644-3717.  Make your call descriptive and timely - don't wait until you get home, or finish your errands, or until you have mulled it over for an hour.  With that phone call, you may prevent a burglary, theft, or other crime from occurring... or it may turn out to be "nothing", and we'll continue on our way.  Win/win.

(It's also a good idea to program the 949-644-3717 number into your cell phone.  If you ever need us, you'll be able to reach us quickly.)

And remember: all of your monthly entries will also be used in the grand prize drawings at the end of the year.

This Challenge is now closed for monthly entries.  You may no longer submit a photo or video for this Challenge in order to qualify for the grand prizes at the end of the year.

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