For the members of the Community who have accepted our monthly 2015 Resolution Challenges, it’s been quite a year! You’ve made small – but valuable – changes month after month. From locking your home’s doors and windows to hiding any valuables in your car, and from attending Public Safety Day to participating in National Night Out, you’ve partnered with the Police Department in a multitude of ways. And we are very, very grateful.

During this time of year in particular, gratitude and appreciation are in the forefront of our minds. And, from those sentiments, we have chosen this month’s Challenge. Although it may not seem to have the immediate impact of some of our other resolutions, your support is incredibly important to our staff. So, the next time you encounter a dispatcher, front desk officer, detective, police officer, volunteer, animal control officer or records clerk, take a moment to let them know that you appreciate them. Wave, smile, or just say “thank you”. We promise that you will be the highlight of their day.

And remember: all of your monthly entries will also be used in the grand prize drawings at the end of the year.

This Challenge is now closed for monthly entries.  You may no longer submit a photo or video for this Challenge in order to qualify for the grand prizes at the end of the year.

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