How do you stop crimes of opportunity?  Take away the opportunity!

Newport Beach is a very safe city, but that doesn't mean that there is NO crime in town.  Thieves often target vehicles that are "easy prey" (unlocked) and/or a "sure bet" (plenty of valuables in plain sight).  Keep your car - and your stuff - locked up and secure!  Move or remove all valuables from your car, including wallets, purses, cell phones, and laptops.  Even a gym bag or backpack may entice a thief who wonders if you left cash or an iPad in there.

For this month's challenge, make a conscious effort to thwart would-be thieves.  Keep those valuables out of sight and lock your car doors.  Easy enough, right?

And remember: all of your monthly entries will also be used in the grand prize drawings at the end of the year.

This Challenge is now closed for monthly entries.  You may no longer submit a photo or video for this Challenge in order to qualify for the grand prizes at the end of the year.

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