History of the Newport Beach Police Badge

The NBPD badge was designed both as a unique police shield and as a municipal crest. Each portion of the badge’s design was carefully considered to establish positive identification for our police officers along with providing various scenes depicting the city's history and unusual topography. The top banner identifies the officer’s rank or position and the bottom banner depicts the department’s name.

The silver rays on the back of the shield represent the sunrise over the San Joaquin Hills and this morning light frames the city’s skyline. The center gold piece is a composite of the high-rises in Newport Center behind the historic Balboa Pavilion, which is in the forefront. This image represents the connection to our past and projects the dynamic future of the city. At the base of the Pavilion are rolling ocean waves depicting Newport Harbor. The city seal is prominently placed in the center of the badge. Below the department banner and behind the badge number plate is a sand finish representing the city’s beaches. Finally the edges of the shield are banded with reeds depicting various tall grasses found in the preserved wetlands of Newport Harbor's Back Bay.

The NBPD badge design was originally proposed in 1980 but new badges were not approved for issue until 1997. The artwork was accomplished by joining aerial and ground photographs of both Newport Center and the Balboa Pavilion into a composite image. Permission to use these images was enthusiastically granted by both the owners of the Balboa Pavilion and the Irvine Company in 1995. Artists from Sun Badge Company took our original design and completed the final rendition that is now proudly worn by every member of the Newport Beach Police Department.

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