Department History

1953 - 1977

Chief Hodgkinson retired in 1952 and John Upson became the acting Chief. John Upson was appointed Chief in 1953 and retired in 1961.

In 1961, B. James Glavas, a former Captain with the Los Angeles Police Department, was appointed Chief. Chief Glavas was hired at a time when tourism, population and crime in Newport Beach were increasing.

James Glavas was Chief of the Newport Beach Police Department from 1961 - 1977. Many changes within the Department occurred during this time. Some of these changes included the Police Department's move from City Hall on 32nd Avenue to its new building at 870 Santa Barbara Drive in November of 1974; the Vice and Intelligence Unit was formed in 1966; the pistol range was opened in January of 1976; the Police Department installed its first computer-aided dispatch system in 1976; and the number of employees at the Police Department increased from 109 in 1966 to 157 in 1973.

Chief Glavas served as president of county and state Chiefs of Police Associations and on the board of the International Association. He retired in 1977.

870 Santa Barbara Dr
1974 Photo of the Newport Beach Police Department Building - 870 Santa Barbara Drive

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