Department History

1928 - 1952

In 1928, an election took place, which changed the administration of the City of Newport Beach. As part of this change, Rowland R. Hodgkinson was made the first Chief of the Newport Beach Police Department. Rowland Hodgkinson served for 27 years from 1928 - 1952. The following shows the structure of the Newport Beach Police Department in 1929: "The police committee of the city council consists of Lloyd Claire and Paul B. Ellsworth. This committee is charged by the mayor and council with the direction of the force. Rowland Hodgkinson is chief of this force. He is a 'home town' boy who made good at home - having been in the ranks before being elevated to the chiefship. The other members of the force at present are R. E. Baldridge, G. W. Calihan, S. F. Naylor, E. T. Nickles, R. G. Waterlue and G. H. Wells." (1929 Police Book)

Chief Hodgkinson & Chief Crocker

Chief Hodgkinson and Fire Chief Frank Crocker

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