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Crime Information

Calls for Service
This Calls for Service portion of our website is designed to keep the residents of Newport Beach continually informed about crimes, arrests, and other police related activities occurring in Newport Beach. Calls for Service are taken directly from the Police Communications Center and updated every 10 minutes, capturing the last seven days of our field activities. Keep in mind that a few crimes and activities must be screened due to investigative restrictions and victim privacy rights.

Crime Statistics
The Crime Statistics page will let you view statistics for different city areas. You can also use the Find Your Neighborhood feature to quickly find statistics in your area.

Sex Offenders
The California Department of Justice is now required by law to maintain and continually update a website detailing information about sex offenders. DOJ classifies the offenders based on language in the California Penal Code (Section 290).

Homeland Security
The City of Newport Beach and the Newport Beach Police Department are closely monitoring the Homeland Security National Threat Level. As a Participant in the Orange County Joint Terrorism Task Force we are actively involved in evaluating terrorist information as it develops. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service and safety to the residents and visitors of Newport Beach.

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