Community Presentations

Identity Theft
Identity theft is a serious crime. People whose identity have been stolen can spend months or years and thousands of dollars - cleaning up the mess the thieves have made of their good name and credit record. In the meantime, victims may lose job opportunities, be refused loans for education, housing, cars, or even be arrested for crimes they didnít commit. Humiliation, anger and frustration are common feelings victims experience as they navigate the arduous process of reclaiming their identity.

Telemarketing Fraud
Over the past few months our Crime Prevention Specialist has been asked several times to verify the legitimacy of various organizations who utilize telemarketing firms to solicit charitable donations by phone. It seems as though this method of generating revenue for charitable organizations is becoming increasingly popular. While there are many legitimate organizations that use this method of fundraising, there are also those that use telephone solicitation to fraudulently obtain money.

Personal Safety
Personal safety presentations are available for your church, school, neighborhood or business organizations. This program is designed to provide information and literature to heighten your awareness and enhance your personal safety. For more information, please contact the Crime Prevention Specialist at (949) 644-3699.

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